A as in Anaphylaxis

Orange Wig Day 2013

17th of May 2013. Please give generously and wear an orange wig to raise awareness of severe allergies that are on the rise.


About allergybabe

it all started…

….when allergy babe was a mere five month old.

Being breastfed exclusively, allergybabe seemed, from a very early stage, to be restless, irritable, not properly sleeping and waking up a lot at night, having rushes and a very bad case of craddle cap. He was vomiting after feeds and kept crying for hours without settling.

All symptoms that occasionally ocured in any baby at this stage, but to allergymummy, it was worrying. She knew something was wrong. She just could not figure it out yet. It was just a feeling, which turned out to be all too true.

Coming back to the five month old, a chubby and eager to discover the world kind of kid, seemed, as an explanation, not getting enough nutrition. One evening, he was formula fed. Allergymummy was hoping for a good night’s sleep for baby and herself, which she had not had for a long long time. From drinking a tiny bit of formula to coming up with the full clinical picture of a severe allergic reaction, it took not even a minute. Baby was screaming, breathing stertorously, his skin was covered in hives, all puffed up and red as a lobster. He also vomited and had diarrhoea. Mummy took allergybabe to the changing table and noticed, that her baby was not moving but laying on the table, all floppy and pale. His lips had turned blue.

At that point, allergymummy remembered that she also was a doctor and realised that her kid was suffering from anaphylaxis. It is one thing to have a patient in your emergency room, and another to see your own child suffering a severe and life threatening allergic reaction.

A blissfully ignorant emergency doctor, a horrible two hours at the emergency room (chubby baby and iv lines are not ment to be friends), a 24h stay at the hospital, a very helpful and supportive night nurse and a discharge letter with the suggestion to consult a specialist is all I can remember. Oh yes, someone suggested not to feed allergybabe formula anymore. Thanks. That was very helpful. May I suggest next time, you provide an epipen, better two epipens, an emergency plan and a test for allergies before discharging? We neither received a presription for antiallergic medication nor a proper test for confirmation of the diagnosis.

That is the beginning of allergybabe’s story. If you have a child with similar allergies, it will probably sound all too familiar. It is usually an anaphylactic reaction that leads to a diagnosis.

Looking back, I should have insisted on an allergy test right away (the excuse “he received steroids, it is no use to test him now” does not count, it needs more antiallergy medication over a longer period of time to completely fail the test), asked for proper medication and two epipens before leaving the hospital.

The Professionals

Little Unicorn Day Nursery

Allergybabe goes to nursery.

Yes. For over a year now.

It was very scary for his mummy at first. She used to be in charge 24/7, and now she should trust someone else to take care of allergybabe? Hardly imaginable if you try to avoid anything slightly dangerous, like small traces of foods that could get even near your precious kid.

Will the nursery be understanding? Will they believe how highly at risk of anaphylaxis allergybabe is? Will they be able to understand what anaphylaxis means? How you have to protect him? How to supply for his special needs? Will they take me and him seriously? Do they know what an epipen is? Can I make suggestions? Are they willing to change routines for the sake of his safety?

All these and many more questions were running through my mind.

It turned out, I got the right answer to every single question.

I was so relieved to learn how very well prepared allergybabe’s nursery was.It truly helped that they already had experience with a similarly food allergic child, and every practitioner was epipen trained. We constantly exchange thoughts and suggestions, and it is lovely to see how allergybabe profits from being around his little friends.

He enjoys eating at the same table with everybody else, after a year of me providing his meals, we went a step further and consulted with the lovely cook to prepare special meals similar to the regular dishes she serves. She does her job very well. Not once had allergybabe had a severe reaction.

Allergymummy could not be more pleased with the nursery and could not recommend it more. After constant care and supervision of allergybabe, his mum got the chance to get her mind off at least for a couple of hours a day.

If your are interested to get more information on this excellent nursery that is located within the Canary Wharf area, please follow this link: