The Professionals

Specialist Consultant Dietitian

She is just great. She helped me when I was at the lowest. Thinking that I will not be able to feed my allergybabe anything apart from neocate formula milk (I recall a recurrent daydream about 19 year old allergybabe in his dorm room at university, me desperately filling up gigantic feeding bottles and mixing the formula with a tin of neocate and a watering can…).

And then Tanya called. She was so comforting, understanding and helpful with her practical and pragmatic approach. I owe her a lot.

She wrote this incredible cook book for allergic families and the ingenious thing is, that all the recipes are very basic (which gives you a great opportunity to amend and change ingredients according to your needs), taste good and actually work. I got really inspired by this great book and wish you can get new ideas and try out something different. Added as a bonus is a list of hints and tips how to live with food allergies and how to manage a kitchen that caters for food allergy sufferers.

The book “I’m hungry” by Tanya Wright is available at:


Get inspired by allergybabe’s favorite weekend breakfast treat: Banana pancakes by Tanya Wright:


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