Vanilla Cupcakes

At last an allergy friendly vanilla cupcake that actually tastes very very nice. I found this great recipe on lucysfriendlyfoods, a Cordon Bleu trained vegetarian allergy mummy. I admire her knowledge and her skill to transfer ‘regular’ specialty recipes into really good tasting allergy friendly foods. I already tried out a couple of recipes, and so far, not a single fail! Since we have to avoid wheat and everything else containing gluten, I use gluten free flour.

Here is a *gluten-free version of lucysfriendlyfoods’ Vanilla cupcake recipe:

To substitute the self raising flour, I use Dove ‘s farm white bread flour blend and add 1 1/2 tsp baking powder to the flour. I try to use as many organic ingredients as possible but i find that especially organic sunflower oil can leave an intense flavor in baked goods, so I usually go for a non organic sunflower oil. I use (low gluten) oat milk but can be substituted by *GF rice drink#.

# please be aware that rice drink is not recommended for children under the age of 5 due its arsenic content


5 thoughts on “Vanilla Cupcakes (EF, DF, SF, NF, *GF, vegan)

  1. Bianca says:

    Congrats allergymum!!!
    I will follow your steps pretty soon. Today I did a carrot banana cake, but we have not tried it yet. 🙂 I will keep you posted!

    • Thanks so much for your kind comment! Would love to try that cake you made!Let me know how it worked out! It takes quite an effort to bake allergy friendly cakes, so well done!!! See you on Friday 17th to celebrate Orange Wig Day!!!!!!

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