The Tower Arms, Essex

Finally, the sun was out, and allergybabe, allergydad and allergymum, the whole pale-faced allergy family, went for a day trip to Essex.

Equipped with the usual allergy friendly foods for a whole week (you never know what foods allergybabe is in the mood for…), we happily headed for a fun day out.

And fun it was!

The Tower Arms, Essex

The Tower Arms, Essex

Driving along the country side, we discovered this incredible pub

Clean and modern outdoor space, efficient staff (equipped with ear pieces to be instructed discretely) and a very tasty menu impressed us from the very beginning. Well, we did not know what was about to come… .

Since we always try to give allergybabe a treat as often as possible, we thoroughly investigated the menu for something good enough for allergybabe. The chips usually work, so I walked enthusiastically to the bar to order some.

A couple of minutes later, a very friendly member of staff asked for all of allergybabe’s allergies again to make sure they would not serve anything he cannot have and it turned out the chips contained wheat. But instead of just leaving the table, she offered, despite the very busy kitchen, to hand cut some chips from scratch and fry them in their own oil. What a nice touch; and no need to mention we zealously accepted.

I have never encountered a more caring and helpful establishment. I do not have to mention that the cooked lunch from home was totally ignored and the chips were stuffed down with lots of ketchup in no time… .

We could not resist and celebrated with an Aperol Spritz.

Happy Days!


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