A as in Anaphylaxis

Finally here: first ever hEPI day!


Every 10th of the month, we will take the opportunity to refresh the basics in case of an emerging anaphylactic reaction.


So we got out our emergency kit, checked all bottles and pens, their expiry dates and contents. And, every family member had a go at demonstrating the others how they would administer the Epipen. All did a really good job:

“Blue to the Sky, orange to the thigh”: reminds you what part is the top and what is the bottom (containing needle):


Take off the blue cap, form a fist around the pen, and apply the orange end which contains the needle firmly in the outer part of the upper thigh:


Hold the pen tightly for 10 sec (one elefant, two elefants…, 10 elefants), remove the pen and rub the thigh.

If the patient is lying down, do not move him.

Call 999 and wait for the ambulance. If no improvement within 5-7 min, apply another epipen to the other thigh.

So, when will you give it a shot?

Stay hEPI!


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