Every 20th of the month, 20 questions will be asked. To whom? Amazing people who deserve to be in the spotlight. Allergy friendly people. People, who truly make this world a safer place.

Look who is first-

Nia and a bespoke and allergy friendly vegan nut free birthday cake. How special

Nia and a bespoke and allergy friendly vegan nut free birthday cake. How special

Fantastic Nia from Nia’s friendly foods. Never in my life have I met a more enthusiastic, commited and motivated business woman.

And here they are, the twenty questions:

allergybabe: mind me asking, how old are you?
Nia: Just turned 20 and missing being a teenager [Wow…!]
allergybabe: who is inspiring you?

Nia: The people that tell me it can’t be done
allergybabe: now you have met the PM- who is next? the queen?
Nia: I hope so! I am aiming for OBE next (laughs). Not sure what for; maybe services to food? would be cool but I am doubtful
allergybabe: you are a proud vegan- since when and why?
Nia: Ohh I’m not sure how long to be honest, but I am super proud to be vegan! People tend to think I’m weird and make fun of me, but since becoming vegan I have accomplished so much and it has made me more of a compassionate person even if people don’t get it
allergybabe: your own shop – when will this become a reality?
Nia: In 4 years I hope. Nothing would make me happier than a place that people with multiple allergies can choose what they want
allergybabe: your advise on people having the desire to start a business?
Nia: Oh I’m terrible with this – all I can say is make sure you want to do it, especially if you get a loan because you will have to pay it back regardless
allergybabe: what makes a business sucessful?
Nia: It’s customers for sure mine keep me going and I am so grateful
allergybabe: you are also allergy friendly – what is tougher : eggless or gluten free baking?
foto test
Eggless for sure! I was baking gluten free since I was about 16. Doing mousses, meringues and eggy bread without eggs is challenging-there is just something in eggs-but where there is a will there is a way
allergybabe: Jo Frost- love or hate?
Nia: Is that super nanny? [wait a minute, who is asking the questions here?]
I think that show is hilarious she seems to help people I guess?
allergybabe: Do you have a favorite animal?
Nia: Hard question, pandas probably; I have always loved them or squirrels [laughs again] would love a pig as a pet though
allergybabe: local council stated you are too cautious when it comes to food allergy cross contamination prevention – your thoughts
Nia: They have clearly never had an allergic reaction
allergybabe: where do you see yourself in 10 years
Nia: Hopefully in my little shop that would make me happy [oh and us as well…]
allergybabe: please finish the sentence: If you were queen for a day, you would…
Nia: ..make everyone be vegan [cheeky face]. I don’t want to push my views on people but there is a saying about if slaughter houses had glass walls everyone would be vegetarian, I don’t think that is true though some people just don’t care but would be cool to let people eat more sustainable for a day, 27 billion animals are killed every year just in the US for food so one day would save a lot
allergybabe: please finish the sentence: social media is like….
Nia: My bestest ever friend
allergybabe: who do you owe your life?
Nia: Easiest question of them all and the answer is: my boyfriend-we’ve known each other since I was 14 [how sweet!!!]
allergybabe: your life moto?
Nia: We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the stars
allergybabe: your favorite bake?
Nia: Cookiesss [big grin]. I love when they are warm from the oven, chewy and crispy
allergybabe: please finish the sentence: i hate…
Nia: …people that make fun of me and are closed minded
allergybabe: please finish the sentence: with a million pounds, i would…
Nia: ..try to buy as many animals in battersea dogs home as possible and raise them on a farm like a hippy
allergybabe: please finish the sentence: my favorite blog is…
Nia: …yours obviously [with a twinkle in the eye]. I love these questions by the way [ahh, thanks and thanks]
Oh, isn’t she lovely!
Nia preparing a very special delivery...

Nia preparing a very special delivery…

Please visit her sites, she is a real darling and always happy to chat. And her bakes… a dream….!!
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Flu vaccine and egg allergy – an update about the latest developments


In reference to yesterday’s #allergyhour on twitter, the topic of the influenza vaccination came up and I got inspired to post the latest developments in regards to the flu vaccine’s application, safety and allergenic potential.

In the UK, the flu vaccine is currently administered to high risk children (kids with comorbidities such as severe asthma) only and requires an intramuscular jab. From 2014, an annual influenza vaccine for all children will be introduced into the UK immunisation schedule, to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with this disease. This new vaccine, known as LAIV (Live Attenuated Intranasal Vaccine) is given by a spray into the nose and has been successfully used in the US for a couple of years. You can see the results of a NEJM study here. The new vaccine is grown in hen’s eggs and contains egg protein, and there are NO existing data on the safety of LAIV in egg- allergic children. To prove the safety of the intranasal vaccine for egg allergic children, the SNIFFLE study will be performed in a multicentre setting shortly. The new application sounds very promising and I am looking forward to the results. Will keep you posted.