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Flu vaccine and egg allergy – an update about the latest developments


In reference to yesterday’s #allergyhour on twitter, the topic of the influenza vaccination came up and I got inspired to post the latest developments in regards to the flu vaccine’s application, safety and allergenic potential.

In the UK, the flu vaccine is currently administered to high risk children (kids with comorbidities such as severe asthma) only and requires an intramuscular jab. From 2014, an annual influenza vaccine for all children will be introduced into the UK immunisation schedule, to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with this disease. This new vaccine, known as LAIV (Live Attenuated Intranasal Vaccine) is given by a spray into the nose and has been successfully used in the US for a couple of years. You can see the results of a NEJM study here. The new vaccine is grown in hen’s eggs and contains egg protein, and there are NO existing data on the safety of LAIV in egg- allergic children. To prove the safety of the intranasal vaccine for egg allergic children, the SNIFFLE study will be performed in a multicentre setting shortly. The new application sounds very promising and I am looking forward to the results. Will keep you posted.


7 thoughts on “Flu vaccine and egg allergy – an update about the latest developments

  1. Bianca says:

    Nice Post! Lucas’ doctor this week suggested the flu vaccine but not before talking first with our specialist one! Will keep you posted about her thoughts!

  2. I didn’t know about the new flu vaccine, more concern for parents of allergy children. It would be good to see the entire contents of the vaccine, as I found when looking into the MMR that the egg allergy was the least of people’s concerns as it also contains neomycin and gelatin which are common allergens). Thanks for sharing, looking forward to your updates.

    • Thanks for your comment. Yes it is important to recognise additives as well. As you can See in an earlier Post, I covered the Subject of additives in i.m. Vaccines. It is correct that they are Potential Allergens and should be taken into consideration as well. The aim of the SNIFFLE study is to find out wether the nasal Spray vaccine is Safe for egg Allergic children. If this is to be the case, the vaccine could be available for egg Allergic children and could be safely given in a primary care facility.

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