20 ways to raise awareness at your nursery setting on ORANGE WIG DAY

The Little Unicorn Day Nursery Bank Street Staff proudly wearing their Wigs on the Orange Wig Day Parade through Canary Wharf,London.

The Little Unicorn Day Nursery Bank Street Staff proudly wearing their Wigs on the Orange Wig Day Parade through Canary Wharf,London.

In its third year, the orange wig day, the day to raise awareness about severe allergies, will be held on friday, may 16th, 2014.

Last year, we teamed up with one branch of our local nursery and raised around 500GBP, which apparently covered the costs for the whole lot of wigs

that had been sent out.

So this year, our ambitions are even higher and we try to raise a lot more money. With all the branches involved, we were thinking

about ways to get people unfamiliar with allergies involved and getting interested in the subject.

Here is my top 20 of activities for ORANGE WIG DAY 2014:

and don’t forget, tell us about your way of showing off your ginger side of life!

Order your wigs early to avoid disappointment!

1. put an article about the orange wig day in your newsletter

2. organise a baking sale with

3. hand made free from biscuits,

4. cupcakes or other baking goods. Children love to get involved and will be eager to sell their homemade goods to mum, dad and other family members.

5. story time with a food allergy topic. There are a growing number of lovely allergy books for little ones out there, and it will be a great starting point to begin an age appropriate discussion.

6. encourage children to be good allergy helpers, and award allergy stars if someone helped to keep the setting allergy safe (washing hands after mealtime, no sharing food, etc.

7. dedicate the whole month of may to allergies.

8. create an awareness board and every day, add a new allergy fact to the board for people to see.

9. arrange a parade with your wigs. It creates a lot of attention if people see a bunch of children with their carers all

wearing orange wigs.

10. Hold a coffee morning first thing in the morning so parents can stop by for a quick coffee and cake before work.

11. Have an “allergy expert” on the premises to allow parents to get all the answers out they have about allergies.

12. Organize a quiz with allergy related gifts to increase levels of knowledge about anaphylaxis.

13. Offer GF DF SF porridge and tea/coffee for a donation to all parents in the morning, when they drop off their kids.

It is a good starting point to discuss ‘free from’ diets, it raises money and people are getting a healthy start into work.

14. Have the children get dressed up in orange.

15. Decorate the wigs with glitter, feathers, bows etc to add that extra sparkle.

16. Train your staff by an expert Trainer (e.g. Allergystars Ltd: http://www.allergystars.com, info@allergystars.com) about allergy and anapylaxis, including how to operate the AAI (adrenaline auto injector). Everyone should be familiar with Prevention, Recognition and Treatment of an allergic reaction.

17. Open a ‘teddy bear clinic” so children can gain knowledge about food allergies, its signs and what to do if a peer is not feeling well.

18. Challenge your catering team and ask if they can provide a free from dessert option that every child at your setting can enjoy (e.g., free from apple crumble and vanilla sauce)

19. Inform local media about your event.

20. Share your best shots on social media (make sure no children can be identified).

More great ideas?

Please share!



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