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Last minute Easter bunnies…

With these tasty and easy cookie cutter biscuits, you ensure inclusion and fun for everyone!


Happy Easter! Buona Pasqua!Frohe Ostern! Happy Easter! Buona Pasqua!Frohe Ostern! Happy Easter! Buona Pasqua!Frohe Ostern!Happy Easter! Buona Pasqua!Frohe Ostern!

Easter Bunny Biscuits-free from the eight major food allergens. Enjoy. Courtesy of allergy*

Easter Bunny Biscuits-free from the eight major food allergens. Enjoy.
Courtesy of allergy*

The Professionals

Specialist Consultant Dietitian

She is just great. She helped me when I was at the lowest. Thinking that I will not be able to feed my allergybabe anything apart from neocate formula milk (I recall a recurrent daydream about 19 year old allergybabe in his dorm room at university, me desperately filling up gigantic feeding bottles and mixing the formula with a tin of neocate and a watering can…).

And then Tanya called. She was so comforting, understanding and helpful with her practical and pragmatic approach. I owe her a lot.

She wrote this incredible cook book for allergic families and the ingenious thing is, that all the recipes are very basic (which gives you a great opportunity to amend and change ingredients according to your needs), taste good and actually work. I got really inspired by this great book and wish you can get new ideas and try out something different. Added as a bonus is a list of hints and tips how to live with food allergies and how to manage a kitchen that caters for food allergy sufferers.

The book “I’m hungry” by Tanya Wright is available at:


Get inspired by allergybabe’s favorite weekend breakfast treat: Banana pancakes by Tanya Wright:


all bananas…

… on a stick


Bananas (or any other fruit) can be upgraded as a treat within minimum time and effort to get maximum results (happy smiles, promises to always listen, hugs and kisses, you name it…).

All you need is

100g of chocolate drops or a chocolate bar (I use “moo free” organic chocolate drops, available at Waitrose: dairy, lactose, gluten, wheat, egg and casein free).

2 medium bananas

Sprinkles (anything that makes the treat even more fun and colourful like sugar, pearls, marshmallows, nuts, chocolate stars or candy)

wooden skewers

parchment paper

Start by heating the chocolate in a microwave proven dish for 30 sec on high. The narrower and taller the dish, the easier dipping the fruit and covering it entirely with chocolate. If the chocolate has not melted entirely, stir well, and if necessary, put it in the microwave for another 30 sec. Stir again. Usually, the already melted part will shortly melt the rest of the solids. You should end up with a smooth and warm melt.

Now comes the fun bit: start dipping the bananas (entire or cut into pieces) into the chocolate after putting it onto a skewer. Let any excess chocolate drop back into the dish and put the chocolate covered treat on the laid out parchment paper. Continue with the rest of the bananas.

All sprinkles should be applied before the chocolate sets.

You can also use the chocolate for a chocolate fondue. Melt the chocolate, put it into individual ramekins and offer a variety of sprinkles and dips to dunk the chocolate covered fruit (banana, strawberry, apple or pear are best suitable) into.