What allergybabe wants

Being normal (with a twist…)

Allergybabe wants to grow up just as any other boy. Meeting his friends, play, laugh, cuddle (he gives the best cuddles ever, believe me), and eat. Yes, he is and always has been a great eater. He is a foodie, a gourmet (not picky, but decisive) and a great cook. So we gave him, as his italian grandma (further referred to as “nonna”) insisted, a deluxe version of a designer toy kitchen for his second birthday, and it was a hit. Do I have to mention nonna could not stop smiling for a whole 24 hours? Allergybabe happily playing in his deluxe version of a toy kitchen.

All the rest of the presents were ignored, the kitchen was occupied for the day. He is never tired of making an al dente pasta dish, a nice tomato sauce, a cake or whatever else comes into his mind. And this kiddo was diagnosed with an awful lot of severe food allergies. Life is so bizarre… .